Marseille, the OCCLUSO capital

The team

On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June 2022, Marseille will once again be a world capital of OCCLUSION.

A world capital of OCCLUSION: Marseille was already in 1986 with Jean-Pierre Toubol, Gérard Duminil around Jean-François Michel: a hard core strongly involved in the creation of the French National College of Occlusodontology (CNO).

Before, Marseille was already on the step, in 1976, with the first University postgraduate Diploma of Occlusodontology in France, created by Jean-François Michel.

From then on and for nearly 50 years, it seems that Marseille has made rhyme “Dynamism with OCCLUSION” and “ friendly atmosphere with CNO SUD“.

It will always be a group led by Jean-Daniel Orthlieb that we find very active for these exceptional days: few alumni and a formidable young team raised in the PROCCLUSO study group and conditioned very early on to the special spirit of CNO SUD


A concrete theme …

So, it will be OCCLUSION, we will speak OCCLUSION, we will act OCCLUSION, we will think about OCCLUSION, we will ask questions about OCCLUSION, the atmosphere will be OCCLUSION and even the air will be OCCLUSION.

To put it simply, we will occlude in cadence!

Eminent Foreign and French colleagues will come to to confront themselves to the “Marseillaise mill”, because if the public “occluso” is demanding, picky, the CNO SUD is even more so, but with both feet firmly anchored in the clinic and general practice.

No need to introduce the international speakers whose fame and skills are well known to all of us. Just know that they will be coming from all over the world.
Sadao Sato, the pope of the multiloop, will land on the tarmac of Marignane directly from Japan. Alejandra Londono and Miguel Assis will arrive from Colombia, from Bogota with a presentation that should explode the question box. Stephan Provencher will take off from Montreal in Canada accompanied by photos of his wax work (protyping) that will remain in your memories for a long time. Finally, much closer but no less famous, Eugenio Tanteri will come from Turin in Italy with his ease and usual good humor, to show you more than innovative prosthetic reconstructions and Jens Türp will arrive from Basel in Switzerland to share with you his high serious vision of occlusal dysfunctions.

Beside them a a task french force of presenters, mostly local, driven by the desire to share what they do on a daily practice, driven by a pure CNO SUD spirit. And then it will be the opportunity to meet JDO and celebrate his jubilee. Let’s say no more.

In order for these days to be a success, the entire organizing committee has promised 200% mobilization. Their involvement and their desire to make you love CNO SUD will be thanked by your smiles and the friendly atmosphere that will reign.

Welcome to Marseille, the capital, to combine the Provencal art of living and Occlusion. Provence will be yours for the weekend of June

The president of the organizing committee

Jean-Philippe Ré